Unmet Need

  • Each year, as many as 1.5 million patients go through a Total Knee Arthroscopy in the US alone.
  •  About 1.5% will develop a major infection and will need to endure some kind of revision surgery. A similar percentage is applicable for all other joint surgery procedures.

Market Size

  • 1.5 M patients in the US / year go through TKA
  • 1.5 % major infection requiring I&D and revision surgery (A similar percentage to other joint surgery procedures)
  • Market potential in the USA – $360M


  • The Dimoveo Medical procedure is designed to:
    • Dimoveo Medical irrigation and debridement system cleans hard to reach infection in body cavities¬†
    • Dimoveo Medical technology harness the power of ultrasound and nanoparticle to create a safe and efficient method to clean an infected knee cavity and prevent a full revision surgery
  • The technology can potentially be suitable for minimal invasive surgery
  • The procedure is In-line with standard of care Irrigation and Debridement procedure



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